Power of Declaring God’s Words

In prayer –  do we use vain, repetitive words?

Why not try something different for a change like declaring God’s Words back to Him.

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“Breath of God”

Breath of God

What do you do when you encountered a hopeless health issue – in desperation you might seek all kinds of treatment but instead of being healed,  the situation got worse than before?

What do you do when even the best of the best doctors were unable to cure the incurable sickness?

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Healed in Jesus Name

Are you facing a health issue that requires surgery?


Have Faith in GOD

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How to overcome cancer

I am privileged to share a testimony of a friend whom God has healed and he has written a booklet on his experiences, in the light that it may encouraged others who are battling with cancer now.

Face to face with cancer

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Our Identity in Christ – His Ambassadors

Christ’s Ambassadors

As believers of Christ we are His representatives on earth. As we have received the good news (Gospel) – message of reconciliation to God and His favor, we ought to testify of His goodness everywhere we go.

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