“Reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable”

Have you ever experienced the Lord moving you in an unusual way?  Our team mate, Eddy from The Healing Rooms did.

"Reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable"

One day he and his friends had lunch at the Oriental Pavilion and they brought along a sister, named Jessie.  Apparently since childhood days she had encounters with the demonic spirits and they were tormenting her.

When she was prayed for she ‘manifested’ but was delivered and set free by the power of Jesus.  When the prayer was over she literally got out of her wheelchair and walked. She felt strength on her legs and even her countenance changed.  What a remarkable outcome!  We praise and thank God for setting her free from tormenting spirits and also healing her as she gained strength to walk.

"Reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable"In another incident at another restaurant, Mr Loon Keong and wife Joanne heard about the gospel and believed.  Incidentally Mr Keong’s left leg is shorter by two inches due to a motorbike accident in his teens but after prayer Lord Jesus extended his left leg to be of same length as his right.

"Reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable"Sister Joanne was  suffering from 4th stage cancer and confined to a wheelchair.  She felt the Fire of the Holy Spirit during prayer and was able to get up and walk. What is impossible became possible with the power of Jesus name.  Creative miracles do exist and we praise God for all glory belongs to Him only.


Reach the unreachable touch the untouchable

On another occasion, Eddy had another opportunity to pray for a 14th year old boy named Yi Sheng, who was suffering from 4th stage cancer in the stomach and a big tumour in his knee cap.  After hearing about the miraculous healings by the Lord Jesus Christ from an Elder from Calvary Church, he declined admission into the KL General Hospital for treatment instead he wanted to be prayed for.  He felt the Fire of the Holy Spirit ‘burning’ his knee cap and stomach and he believe that the Lord Jesus has healed him.  Thank you Jesus.




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