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Are you facing some problems at work and no one seems to care?  Why is there no answers to my prayers?

My life is in a mess, how can I become successful in life?
I find life meaningless?
My friend has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, how can I pray for her?
How can I help my friend who is going through depression since her husband passed away suddenly?

Are your children mingling with the wrong companion of friends at school?
Are you in financial debts due to the collapse of your business deals?
Are you facing health problems?

Does any of the above resonates to your present situation?

In life, daily we are bombarded with news of natural disasters, issues of unrest, excallating crime rates,
deaths, injustices.  Life seems so unpredictable. Who do we turn to, when we faced surmounting problems that no
one can resolved?
In moments like this, ask God’s help in prayer. If you don’t know how to pray would you like to learn how to pray with me? Personally I have experienced many trying situations where the 3 little words on a plaque “Trust in God” save me.

At this juncture, I am praying for those who click into my blog that you will experience the presence of God,
His love and that YOU are Special to Him. There may be doubts about Him, or His existence but try God today in prayer.

There’s so much to share about the power of prayer, where impossibilities become possible with God.  Miracles
do happen today! Situations changes when we truly seek God in prayer and allow Him to guide You step by step.

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