Ushering God’s Presence

Many a times when we pray,  we have many petitions before The Lord.  It’s kind of give, give prayers or God,  you do the needful – with no reverence of Who You are.  We fail to acknowledged that You are the Creator of the world and we Your created beings.   You knew us better than we do ourselves.   Nothing is hidden from You.  Most of the time we grieved You by our actions and words.

Dear Lord,

Please forgive us for the way we treated You.  May every moment in our lives – we offer praises and worship for who You are – The Great I AM.  May we desire to be in Your presence and that our hearts longs for You.  For without You, we are nothing.  You are all we need.  Nothing satisfies the longing of the soul than Your holy presence.  As we sing along with the songs of worship, may we draw near to You.  Thank you for loving us.  Help us to focus on You alone – Our Lord and Redeemer.

In Jesus name, Amen.



Ushering God's presence


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  1. Dear Maria,

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging post and reminding me of what prayer and worship is all about. Really appreciate the YouTube video links to Robin Mark’s worship songs. May the Almighty Lord continue to use you (and your husband, pastor Raymond Wong, and son – sorry forgot his name) as His chosen vessels to bless others by reflecting His Son, Jesus Christ’s love and grace.


    1. Thank you Anusha,
      Am very glad that the worship songs have ministered to you. May you draw closer to HIM each passing day.

    2. Hi Anusha,
      Thanks for commenting. I will posting more articles from time to time.
      Shalom to you.

  2. AMEN!!

  3. Maria, thank you for the music which perfectly says the things our words may not at the moment convey. It also soothes the heart like no other thing can, Irish flute on
    voices that pleads to, calls, rally all, petition to our Almighty God for just one blessing we need….. His grace.
    Keep them coming and God bless you and family always. Eddie and Susan

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