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Have you ever wonder who is the Living God, majestic and mighty that at His name every knee shall bow and worship Him?

Things of this world may enticed you but the craving of your soul cries out for more.  Many grieving souls end their lives hoping to end their pain but eternity awaits them when they come face to face with their Creator.

Today, if you find life is hopeless, Seek the Living God – you will find the answer.


Dear Living, Mighty God,

As people seek answers to their many questions, open their eyes that they may see You.  You have loved them with an everlasting love – may they exchanged their brokenness for Yours; Their inner desires met knowing that Without You they are incomplete; Their thirst quenched.  You are their Shepherd if they so desire to follow you.  Lord, have mercy upon them who are lost and seeking for the truth.  Touch and heal them of their hurts and wounds that bogged them down.  May they experience the reality of Your Divine Presence.  May their hearts be receptive to Your invitation – that their joy may be full.  Today may they have a divine encounter with You.

In Christ mighty name I pray,



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  1. Amen, sister!

  2. God bless your work, Maria.


    1. Thank you Eddie and Susan for your comments.

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