Soaking in God’s presence

What is soaking in God’s presence?

Its when we come into God’s presence and allow inspirational music or prayers to saturate our thoughts of who GOD is and what HE is to us.

No matter what situation we may be in, allow His Holy Spirit to minister us, drawing strength from Him and peace when we face challenges, knowing at times He may allow us to go through ‘trials’ in order that we may trust in His will as we surrender ourselves to the ‘All knowing’ God who holds our future.  He is able to turn our bad situation into something good (Roman 8:28)

He knows all our pain and sorrows and feel it too.  He has a plan and future for all of us  (Jeremiah 29:11).  We may question the predicament we are in but don’t let it deter you from trusting in Him.  Our enemy (devil) comes to steal, kill and destroy but He came to give abundant life.

What He has promised He will fulfil as we surrender our life, our all to the Almighty God.  May the Worship song ministered to our weary, downcast heart.

Dear Lord,

As we come into Your Holy Presence, forgive us of all our sins as we forgive those who have wounded or hurt us with their words or mannerisms.  Help us now to focus on YOU only and fill us with Your Love, Joy and Peace. 

You know what is best for us.  Protect us from our enemy, the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy. We claim the abundant life You have promised.  Guard our coming in and going out. Surround us with Your hedge of Fire. 

Let us see how much YOU love us and not lose hope in YOU.

We thank You and praise You. In Jesus Mighty Name we pray,


Terry MacAlmon – Alleluia***

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