God’s Divine Appointment

God's Divine Appointment

Photo by Eddy Yong

The day passes by like any other day.  Today I (Eddy Yong)  was having a drink with a friend in Nirvana curry house when my Pastor friend John, brought brother Daniel to see me.  Daniel (who had diabetes) related that six months ago he had a stroke whilst driving, lost control and the vehicle plunged into a ravine three stores high.  Fortunately by God’s grace, he was thrown out of the car, suffered back injuries, concussion and the water level in his head is not normal causing his hands to tremble and his left side of his body was weak. The Doctors were unable to fix the problem and concluded that its incurable.

But he believed that the Lord Jesus will heal him and asked to be prayed for. Immediately after prayer the back pains is gone, his hands no longer shaking and he felt he is ‘level-headed’.  His healing was instantaneous.  Truly our God is a miracle working God, full of grace, compassion and love.  To God be the glory.  Amen.

God's Divine Appointment


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  1. Thanks be to God, who is Sovereign, Majestic, Omnipotent, Merciful,
    and who never fails to deliver us from adversities. The adjectives to describe
    Him is endless; and, yes, He is in control. He does everything in His time
    and never fails those who trust and have faith in Him.

  2. Praise God for His healing! Jehovah Rapha.
    blessings, Amy

    1. Of late I have been hearing of creative miracles and in some cases, instant healing that takes place before one’s eyes. A friend of mine was sharing with me of incidents after prayer and a word of knowledge from God, healing took place. She jumped for joy seeing this as she was assisting a leader in the healing rooms. Praise the Lord.

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