Does our TONGUE need healing?

The tongue is a small part of the body hidden in the mouth and capable of causing much harm if left unchecked.  The doctor will examine our tongue to detect the state of our health before he makes his diagnosis and prescribe medicine to remedy the situation. What affects us physically, simultaneously so does spiritually. The biblical illustrations of the tongue can be found in James 3:3-8 (For clarity refer to the Amplified Version of Bible)

1.     Like the bit in the horse’s mouth to make them obey us.

2.     Like a spark that starts the forest fire – relating to the diseases of the tongue:

Does our Tongue need healing



  • Careless words – Matthew 12:36 – don’t say it, if we don’t mean it, cause someday we will be accountable for our spoken words;
  • Gossiping – Proverbs 20:29, avoid becoming accessory to the gossip;
  • Lying – The LORD detests lying lips, but HE delights in men who are truthful – Proverbs 12:22;
  • Flattery with evil intentions – Psalm 12:2-3;
  • Hasty in our speech – being impulsive – Psalm 106:32-33.

3.     Like the rudder of ship.

( – “A rudder is a vertical blade at the stern of a vessel that can be turned horizontally to change the vessels direction when in motion.”) – it determines the course and destiny of the entire ship.  Likewise be cautious – our destiny is settled by our own words.  Numbers 14:28 – “…as ye have spoken in Mine ears, so will I do to you.” Hence, what comes out from our mouth indicates the true condition of our hearts.  Whatever is prevailing in our hearts it will manifest in the way we speak.  How often we are forewarned to guard our hearts (“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the well spring of life” – Proverbs 4:23 (NIV), other references – Matthew 12:33-35, James 3:9-12)

The corrupt, negative usage of the tongue is infectious as we may be robbed of the blessings that God desires us to have – positive confessions beget positive results. Therefore death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Since sin is always manifested in our everyday life – our tongue needs healing.  In order to obtain the blessing of the Lord, we must keep a tight reign over our tongues – as misuse of it is like a ‘leak’ in the spirit. The root of every problem affecting our tongues is in our hearts. Apparently there’s a connection between the heart and the mouth – the tree represents the heart and the fruit is what words that comes out from the mouth – “…how can you who are evil say anything good? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of “- Matthew 12:34. Every lie, deceptions can be traced to its original source, it comes from the devil – John 8:44.  The incurable diseases of the tongue should be arrested and healed, as the end result is fatal – Revelations 21:8.

Seeking steps for healing:

  • Acknowledge our problem as SIN – restraining our tongues from misuse.  “For by your words you will be justified and acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced.” – Matthew 12:37 (Amplified Version of Bible)
  • Be Honest – Confession of our sins, Seek Forgiveness and Cleansing. John 1:7-9.
  • “God solves the problem of the tongue and lips by dealing with the condition of the heart.”
  • Just as the ship needs the assistance of the pilot to steer the ship to safety – similarly there may be situations in our lives where we are unable to manage and need the pilot (Holy Spirit) to come on board to pilot our lives to safety. In a way we are asking the Holy Spirit in prayer to take control our tongue and giving us a tongue that glorifies God.


Dear Lord,

We confess our sins especially those words that hurt You, others and ourselves.   Cleanse and Root out the sinful nature in our hearts and fill them with the Does your Tongue need healing?fruit of the Holy Spirit. Take control of our tongues that we will use it (positively) to glorify You by speaking, singing, making music and giving thanks at all times.  Thank you Lord Jesus for being our High Priest pleading for us in the presence of God Almighty (Hebrews 4:14).  Lord – “more of You, less of us in our lives”.  Please guide our pathways in life for You are our Shepherd. May our actions and reactions point to others around us to our Loving Heavenly Father.  In Jesus name we pray,


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  1. Powerful post, my friend. Yes, our tongues can be deadly. We must use them to glorify the Lord.

  2. Very blessed Maria, tq.

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