“Breath of God”

Breath of God

What do you do when you encountered a hopeless health issue – in desperation you might seek all kinds of treatment but instead of being healed,  the situation got worse than before?

What do you do when even the best of the best doctors were unable to cure the incurable sickness?

Recently I was in a friend’s church and heard the testimony of Ashley and Tony Low that unfolds the power of God which baffled the doctors that attended to him.

At the end of the church service I managed to speak to Ashley and seek her permission to use their testimony in my blog in order that others will  be able to hear it.

I have entitled this post as “Breath of God”  as He breathes life into dead and hopeless situation/or person – To God be the Glory!



Tony and Ashley Healing Miracle


























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  1. HI Maria, Thanks for sharing this. I would love a summary here of what Ashley shares because I didn’t have time to watch the whole thing. Blessings, Amy

    1. In the final sharing, Tony, Ashley’s husband shared that God did a creative miracle – God gave him a new functional brain much to the astonishment of his surgeon. Tests were done to verify it. MRI pictures of his previously operated brain and his new God-given brain were shown. God did the impossible in his life so he can share with others that with God all things are possible. Praise God!

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